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200 / 325 Mesh API Barite Powder Drilling With Barium Sulfate 150PPM

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200 / 325 Mesh API Barite Powder Drilling With Barium Sulfate 150PPM

Good Quality 200 / 325 Mesh API Barite Powder Drilling With Barium Sulfate 150PPM Sales

Large Image :  200 / 325 Mesh API Barite Powder Drilling With Barium Sulfate 150PPM


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Business type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Exporter, Trading Company, Seller

Baiyun district, Guangzhou city, China

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Tokusyo
Certification: ISO 9001
Detailed Product Description


200mesh 325mesh API Barite Powder Drilling With Barium sulfate 150PPM



Quick Detail:


Chemical formula BaSO4
Mineral components Barium sulfate
Color Colorless or multicolored (red, orange, yellow, white, and brown)
Particle size 200mesh, 325mesh or as your requirement
Specific gravity 4.0 - 4.4
Found in Calcite, Cerussite, Dolomite, Quartz, Sulfur, and Gypsum
Other names Baryte,
Toxicity Non toxic





> product name: API grade barite powder

> specific gravity: 4.0-4.4

> Colors: white to Grey

> supply capacity: 10,000tons/month

> country of origin: China

> Particle size: 200mesh, 325mesh,600mesh or as your requirement

> PB content: 100PPM max

> mercury content: 200PPM max

> Water soluble alkaline earth metal as calcium: 150PPM max


Why do we use barite/ baryte in oil drilling area as drilling mud?


Reasons for barite’s use over other materials:

- Neutrality - chemically, physically and magnetically neutral

- Environmentally acceptable from the standpoint of its disposal as part of the drilling fluid.

- Far less abrasive than other materials and does little damage to drilling equipment.

- Low cost




- To clean cuttings from the well bottom.

- Flush those cuttings to the surface.

- Cool and lubricate the drill bit.

- Deposit a “filter cake” layer on the well bore wall to prevent loss

of the circulating fluid.

- Prevent formation fluids entering the borehole and mixing with circulating fluids.

- Support the walls of the well bore without damaging the formation.

- Control pressures under the surface.



barite physical and chemical requirements
requirement standard
density 4.20 g/ml, minimum
water-soluble alkaline earth metals, as calcium 250 mg/kg, maximum
residue greater than 75μm maximum mass fraction 3.0%
particles less than 6 μm in equivalent spherical diameter maximum mass fraction 30%


Communication with customers


A: What is the location of your mine, we would like to visit it.

B: Our mine locates in Henan Province. You will be welcome to our mine and factory to have a look. It is a direct and good way for us to know each other better.


A: What is you capacity a month?

B: The general capacity is 10,000 MT a month.


A: Can you send sample for our test?

B: Yes, we can. We would like to arrange the sample sending after the price is okay for both side. And the sample is for free.


A: Okay, I see. What about the quality of your product. I am always worrying about the quality.

B: Yes, let me show you our quality management system.

  • Our product had adapted the ISO9001-2000 Quality System Authorities.
  • Cooperating with the SGS to manage the quality

▲ After washing the mine,each batch would be sample and analyzed respectively.

▲ Strictly control the granularity and the moisture of residual, and seriously implement the quality management.

▲ Before delivering, SGS would sample and analyze our product and provide us the examining report.

▲ Show the test report to customers, if there is no problem, then the product would be loaded and shipped.


  • Our company promises that our product is qualified to export.


A: Your method is good. We want to order 50 tons for the first time and compare your product with other supplier.

B: No problem.

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